Original Abstract #3052

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By Ursula Brenner
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New Work in by one of my Favorite Abstract Artists – Ursula Brenner! I see a great deal of logic evident in each of her paintings, as well as a wonderful Fearlessness of color. Ursula’s paintings are always vibrant, regardless of color palette, and covered in interesting shapes and movement. Sometimes, I even wonder if she’s not using some type of mathematical calculation when she paints! There is a Definite Purpose to each of her creations, and I enjoy staring at each, seeing what I see.
One of the things I enjoy most, with abstract art forms, is hearing all the different impressions and reactions from all my customers. Line up 20 people, and you’ll have 20 different reactions. Line up 20 more, and you’ll get 20 New Reactions. In all the years I’ve been doing this, (15 this year, in case you’re wondering), I have yet to hear duplicate responses. How Very Interesting! The reactions are as varied and diverse as everything else we encounter on this Big Blue Ball. And, in my humble opinion, That’s a Beautiful Thing!! Truly!!