Custom Framing

We are proud of our quality framing department!  You will find an impressive display of over 5,000 quality, solid wood mouldings from which to choose.  Our enormous collection of frame samples guarantees The Perfect Frame for your art, as well as your decor, and your personality.  In addition to our frame choices, we also carry an entire line of matching fillets, which gives you an entirely new level of design options.  Add to that the thousands of mat choices, including all sorts of beautiful fabrics and textures, and you begin to understand the possibilities you will discover with Custom Framing.  The possibilities are, truly, as limitless as our combined imaginations!

Custom framing can sometimes feel overwhelming with so many possibilities.  At least, that’s what we’ve heard….  Not at Fayette Gallery!  We take all those “overwhelming feelings” completely out of the equation!  When you combine our expertise, wide range of choices and imaginative framing designs with your unique decor requirements and personality, the end result is always a creative and fun experience.

As with everything else at Fayette Gallery, our custom framing department delivers the highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible, period.   One of the best benefits you find with a Small Local Business, is that ‘family style approach’ you always receive when working with the Owner.  At Fayette Gallery, regardless of how simple or complex your framing requirements may be, we take great pride in what we create for you.  You can always count on receiving a warm, friendly, and personalized, one-on-one experience with the Owners.  We want you to feel like Family, and that means, we want you to be completely satisfied with every nuance of your visit with us.  Your satisfaction means everything!

At Fayette Gallery, we take each custom framing experience and turn it into a fun and creative project.  With professional design advice, your end result will match not just your home or office, but your personal lifestyle, as well.  We take the time to ask the “RIGHT” questions – all art is not the same, nor is every home or office the same – asking the “right” questions removes all the guesswork and leaves you with a fun and creative experience, and a beautifully framed piece of art.  Regardless of whether your artwork is a $15 poster, or a $15,000 original – we treat every job with the same professional and creative spirit.

And while you might ‘think’ that Custom framing would be more expensive at a Local store, vs. one of those big chain stores, we invite you to give us a try.  We promise, you’ll be surprised at what you find!  Custom framing can be expensive…..but, it doesn’t have to break the bank to look amazing.  And, while the term “cheap” is not found in our vocabulary, we are very proud of our ability to offer affordable framing.  Our ‘every day prices’ are lower than those found at big chain stores!  Here at Fayette Gallery, ‘affordable pricing’ does NOT equal ‘poor quality’.  With so many frame choices, our ‘family like atmosphere’, and our creative approach to custom framing, we guarantee you will find the right frame, at the right price.


“If it’s worth saving – It’s worth framing” – Come visit us!  We would love to work with you on your next custom framing project!